We love to share our knowledge, facilitate positive change, inspire people to learn about their bodies so they can step into their healthiest, most vibrant self and begin to pioneer their own vitality.

We approach our talks with a practical, interactive and entertaining style. Even heavy duty health subjects can get a little fun, lighthearted touch while delivering life changing information. Every talk contains current research-based information that you can use immediately. The audience leaves with a sense of hope and enthusiasm and new tools for a better, healthier life!

Topics for Classes include (but are no limited to):

  • Reclaiming Your Energy: Getting Your Vitality Back
  • Great Sleep = Great Health
  • Changes in Diet / Changes in Vitality
  • Curing Fibromyalgia Naturally
  • Anti-aging Secrets
  • Getting the “Zip” Back
  • Another Headache? End Headaches Forever

Visit our Events page for more information on our upcoming talks or Connect to inquire about hiring us for your next event.

“I absolute love Kim & Candace. They are my support system – my dream team. I learn so much about how to let my light shine brighter from Kim & Candace. Love you guys.”


“Thank you, Candace, for providing an option that did not involve a drug treatment plan and used natural healing.”