We provide clear, concise and practical answers to your health questions so you can overcome nagging health issues. You can have enough energy to make it through the day AND become the best version of yourself. Want to loose a few pounds or more?

Have digestion “issues” become your new normal?

Does exhaustion dictate your day?

With over 40 years of combined experience in functional medicine, our strength and expertise is in creating custom health and action plans targeted for each individual’s specific health needs and goals. We navigate the myths and truths surrounding vitamins, nutrition and movement so you don’t have to. Focusing on the latest research, we cut through the volumes of health information that bombard you everyday.

We combine our wit and wisdom to work with each client and create a detailed, practical plan for you to move forward removing the frustrations and confusion of health information presented online or in-person.

“You are meant to feel amazing, to move with ease and to live with joy.”

Is the Vitality Blueprint for you?

Over the past 20 years, we have helped thousands of individuals like you regain their health and vitality. We know that our vast knowledge base and expertise can assist in creating lasting wellness for you too! Let’s talk for a bit and find out.

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Vitality Blueprint | Basic


Step One: The Questions

We begin with a one on one health history meeting. What makes us different is the time, focus and detailed questions we ask that are often overlooked at your annual checkup. We ask questions that help us get to the bottom of your current health patterns. For example:  What kinds of diets were you on when you were younger? When was the last time you took an antibiotic? Were you sick before your current medical condition started? Have you ever swum in a lake, river or stream? We look for the root cause as a starting point to your health overhaul. We work with clients via video conferencing to support visual diagnostics because they are an integral part in creating your personalized health plan.

Step Two: The Lab Work

Next, we order lab testing that is relevant to your symptoms and our exhaustive health assessment. The lab tests will help us understand your current health landscape along with your nutrient levels, organ and gland function. Did you know that Vitamin D levels affect thyroid function? Or that there are 7-9 different tests that should be utilized to test for thyroid health?

Step Three: The Review and Plan

We thoroughly review your results and compile an in-depth analysis and custom health plan for you. In your second video conference call we pinpoint your specific trigger foods, optimal nutrients, movement plan and a practical step-by-step guide for your specific health needs/goals. You will have your Vitality Blueprint: customized, doable and practical.

Vitality Blueprint | Basic:  $175* | Purchase Here

Included in the Vitality Blueprint | Basic: Two, one hour video conferencing calls, assessment of labs and symptom questionnaire, individualized trigger food check list, nutrient check list, optimal movement plan and a list of what your next health steps look like after completing the Vitality Blueprint | Basic.

*(does not include cost of lab testing, which averages between $50 – $200)

While a certain percentage of people can go it on their own using the Vitality Blueprint | Basic, this is what we know: people need guidance and support to make lasting health changes. We have found that having an expert to support you as your vitality returns is important in continued success.

Vitality Blueprint | Advanced


We know that it takes at least 3 months for a revised eating, nutrient and movement plan to become your new normal.

Our Vitality Blueprint | Advanced supports you on the next part of your journey in achieving your health goals. A personalized eating and nutrient guide along with continued contact with us is essential for your success. Review of Vitality Blueprint | Basic

  • Video conference calls, 2 per month
  • Personalized, deliciously easy breakfast, lunch and dinner options based on your Blood Type and food sensitivities
  • Vitamin and nutrient recommendations adapted to your health goals
  • An Eating Out Guide to safely navigate restaurant menus
  • Videos for stretching and strengthening areas of restriction, spasm and pain.

3 Month Vitality Blueprint | Advanced  $299 | Purchase Here

Included in the 3 Month Vitality Blueprint | Advanced: 2 video conference calls per month, personalized recipe guide based on your blood type and food sensitivities, vitamin and nutrient recommendation, and Eating Out Guide and videos designed to stretch and strengthen areas of restriction and pain. Participants in the 3 Month Vitality Blueprint | Advanced must have previously completed the Vitality Blueprint | Basic.

Hectic work and life schedules can get in the way of your health goals. Vitality Blueprint | Concierge makes it easier to achieve your wellness objectives by providing personalized health management. Removing the obstacles that stand in the way of your vitality is crucial for success. We provide our expertise to every aspect of Vitality Blueprint | Concierge Vitality so it works for you.

Vitality Blueprint | Concierge


  • Full access to Kim and Candace through email and phone
  • Video conferencing by appointment
  • Vitamin and nutrients delivered monthly ($250 value, included)
  • Individualized weekly delicious menu plans, including your favorite Blood type friendly foods
  • An Eating Out Guide
  • Book, article and video reviews of latest health and nutrition research
  • One day all-inclusive Healing Transformation with Kim & Candace in their Naperville, Illinois clinic. Includes a full menu of modalities including: 2 sessions of muscle balancing, 1 acupuncture treatment, 1 nutrition consultation, 1 therapeutic massage and gait analysis with personalized therapy. On-site Healing Transformations are available with negotiated travel expenses.

3 Month Vitality Blueprint | Concierge: $1499 | Purchase Here

Included in the Vitality Blueprint | Concierge: Full access to Kim and Candace through email and phone, video conferencing, vitamins and nutrients delivered monthly, weekly menu plans, reviews of latest health research and a one day all inclusive Healing Transformation with K & C. Concierge participants must have completed the Vitality Blueprint | Basic before beginning the Vitality Blueprint | Concierge.

6 Month Vitality Blueprint | Concierge: $2699 | Purchase Here