Natural Health Solutions:
Essential Oils

Natural Health Solutions:
Essential Oils

We know the importance you place on pure, healthy options for you and your family. Options that promote body balance and vitality. Health options that are easy to use, inexpensive and have no side effects. You deserve to feel vibrant and essential oils are part of a healthy life program.

We have used essential oils in our practice for over 20 years. During that time, we have witnessed incredible shifts in our patients’ emotional and physical health with the application of essential oils. As essential oils have gained popularity, the brands and quality have varied dramatically.

When we were introduced to the dōTERRA essential oils we fell in love with the company, the oils and the impact of these oils. Unlike many oils on the market, dōTERRA essential oils are therapeutic grade, which, depending on the oil, means they can be taken internally or used in recipes and drinks.

dōTERRA sources their raw materials from farmers that use no chemicals, no pesticides, no additives and no fillers. Unlike some oil companies, dōTERRA contracts growers in the regions native to whatever crop they are harvesting: no greenhouses! Each oil undergoes extensive testing methods that surpass USDA organic standards so you can be confident the dōTERRA oils you are using are non-toxic.

How to Get These Awesome Essential Oils

1. You can choose to become a Wholesale Customer for a yearly membership fee of $35 (or, if you purchase a kit, the membership fee is waivered). There is no minimum order. You do not have to have repeating orders or sell anything to anyone! By purchasing the membership, you get wholesale pricing which is 25% off retail. And, you are eligible to receive the free oil of the month.

2. Or, you can choose to become a Wellness Advocate. Wellness Advocates are able to grow their business and receive commissions. Once you experience the positive changes in your health, you will want to share these oils with everyone! With this membership choice, the $35 fee is waived and you can purchase your first kit at a reduced price. As a Wellness Advocate, you can build residual income. Are you a motivated individual who has the desire to create a positive business? You can accomplish that with dōTERRA Essential Oils.

We encourage everyone to join our team of healthy, passionate and excited peeps. Click here to join!

Support & Training

We provide a wide array of research and education materials for members of our team. Are you interested in inviting some friends/family over to share your essential oil excitement? Depending on scheduling, we will happily share our oil knowledge either in person or on video. Check our workshop schedule for special interest programs. Also look at our video blogs on Vitali-TV.