To Mulch or Not to Mulch…

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THAT is the Question!!

3 Reasons Why You Want to Mulch Your Garden

1. Mulch helps the soil retain moisture longer by reducing evaporation. This reduces the amount of water needed which saves both time and money.  Definitely a win-win.

2. Fewer weeds to deal with when the exposed soil is covered with mulch. How great is that?  Plus, since the mulch keeps the soil moist, any weeds that do make it through the mulch are easier to pull out.

3. As it decomposes, organic mulch adds nutrients to the soil and increases its fertility and biological activity. Over time, even the soil composition improves, as your garden becomes a haven for earthworms and beneficial micro-organisms. 


Types of organic mulch

Shredded or chipped bark

Compost or composted manure