Hormones Mess with Your Brain

You walk into a room and you forget why you went there. You smile politely because you can’t remember your friends name to introduce them. You cannot remember the word for…These scenarios can all be called: Brain Fog. Brain fog is a sign that something is making your brain misfire. It is a wake-up call that you need to address the underlying issues affecting your
cognitive dysfunction! Brain Fog, Dementia and Cognitive Decline are avoidable! We should be able to age with our brains working just fine til the end. We can all plan on being cute, tottering old woman with our brains fully intact!

Main Cause of Brain Fog for Women:  Hormone Changes

Hormone shifts can begin at any time in a woman’s life. These changes can affect both short and long term memory and cause stress and worry.

Progesterone and estrogens can fluctuate wildly during pregnancy, menopause and during times of stress.  These fluctuations cause changes in how your brain is firing.

Stress triggers the production of cortisol which is a major player in causing cognitive issues.  Too much cortisol can damage brain cells.

Changes in estrogen levels during menopause can cause forgetfulness, poor concentration, and cloudy thinking.

And, changes in thyroid hormone levels can affect your memory span and ability to concentrate.

What You Can do About Hormone Dysfunction:

  1. Complete a Saliva Hormone Panel through your natural healthcare practitioner. Your practitioner can then advise what natural hormone replacement will be best based on your test results.
  2. Application of Essential Oils increases brain clarity. As a matter of fact, Rosemary diterpenes have been shown to inhibit neuronal cell death (1). That means rosemary essential oil stops nerve cell death, especially in the brain! Rosemary and lavender therapeutic grade essential oils improved long-term memory. (2)
  3. Reduce your stress: use any means possible!  Meditation, exercise, eat more high quality calories, get more sleep and use deep breathing techniques.
  4. Have a complete thyroid blood panel done.  A complete panel consists of: Free T3, Free T4, TSH, Thyroid Peroxidase, Thyroid Antibodies.
  5. Take high quality supplements.  Omega 3 Fish Oil reduces inflammation and increases cognitive function.  Vitamin B Complex, when you think of “B” vitamins think “B”rain function. B vitamins are essential for good nerve function. Vitamin D3/K2, there may not be a more important vitamin combo that affects almost every body function, including the brain. And, of course, high quality Magnesium. Magnesium is required for 300 chemical processes in the body and over 85% of all Americans are deficient in this mineral.

Other Common causes of Brain Fog:

  • inactivity / exercise makes the blood flow
  • not getting enough sleep
  • chronic stress 
  • a diet lacking essential nutrients
  • overconsumption of sugar
  • bacterial overgrowth
  • depression 
  • thyroid condition

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