30 Minute Wellness Coaching




One-on-One Wellness Coaching – 30 minute

Your first step towards ending exhaustion, healing your gut, ending brain fog…

Getting YOUR health questions answered.

The 30-minute Wellness Consult is designed to answer those preliminary health questions that you want answered.   A 30-minute consult will give you an overview

of which health issue to tackle first.  Often, working on one primary issue will be the catalyst for incredible changes to your health.

Further nutritional recommendations, informational downloads, test kits (additional charge) and professional consultation services will be provided during longer coaching sessions, which you can also access on this page.

 Included in One-on-One Coaching:

  1. Adaptations of Eating Right for Your Type
  2. Strategies for healing leaky gut
  3. Personalized digestion discussion
  4. Saliva Hormone Testing and analysis
  5. Skin health suggestions
  6. Ending Candida Overgrowth

Special Rate for Lung Cleanse Participants: $75

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