Moving from “Okay” to Awesome




One-on-One Coaching

Imagine yourself 90 days from now.  How do you feel? Fatigued & Lethargic?

…or Energetic & Motivated?

Personalized coaching propels you towards increased energy and motivation at a

pace that’s right for you.

 Included in One-on-One Coaching:

  1. An in-depth health history to find underlying causes to current symptoms.
  2. Creating a health plan that fits your lifestyle and timeline.
  3. Month 1 covers the the Candida Protocol, including all handouts and support.
  4. Weekly video conferencing for month 1 and bi-weekly thereafter to help with clarification and accountability. Total Consults: 8
  5. At-home testing (add’l cost).
  6. Test result review and strategies to implement.
  7. Customized nutrition and dietary recommendations.


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